Automated Teller Machines are available in banks and several businesses in Saint-Pierre, one ATM is available at the Banque des îles in Miquelon.

Business Hours

Most businesses are open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Most shops are closed Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Prices include any taxes. On Sunday mornings, the only business likely to be open is the pastry shop! Don’t miss out on North America’s best croissants!



There are several camping areas in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. They are situated at “Le Cap” and at “Mirande” on the island of Miquelon and at “Ruisseau Debons” on the island of Langlade. These camping grounds do not provide any amenities.

Car rentals

Car rentals are not available locally. You can hire taxis for any distance for a flat rate.


One must prepare for any eventuality since the weather can be quite unpredictable. A waterproof rain jacket is highly recommended and a warm sweater, as well as a warm hat, especially when voyaging out to sea. Rubber boots or waterproof hiking boots are a must along the hiking trails.

Currency and Banking

The official currency in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon is the Euro (€). Banking establishments will provide currency exchange services, however Canadian (CDN) and American dollars (USD) are accepted by most merchants involved in the tourism trade. Major credit cards and traveller cheques are commonly accepted.

Before the Euro came to be, the islands of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon used the French Franc. However, before 1974, a special Colonial Currency, the Franc CFA was used. The bills were adorned with scenes out of Africa.

Cell Phone Access

SPM Telecom provides GSM cell phone coverage for their own cell phones. In some areas of the island, Canadian (Aliant) cell phone reception is available.


Important phone numbers

  • Information: 12
  • Phone rates: 0800 and 0810 (local rates)
  • When calling from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
  • International calls: 00 + country code + number
  • When calling Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
  • Country code: +508
  • From Canada and the USA, dial 011 (508) 41 XX-XX

Emergency services – Emergency phone numbers

  • Medical emergencies: 15
  • Police: 17
  • Fire Department: 18



  • St Pierre & Miquelon 242 km²
  • Saint-Pierre 25 km²
  • Miquelon 110 km²
  • Langlade 91 km²
  • Highest elevation 240 m (Morne de la Grande Montagne)


  • Population 7000 (approx.)
  • Language French
  • Religion Catholic


Saint-Pierre :  ICAO Code: LFVP / IATA Code: FSP

Miquelon : ICAO Code: LFVM / IATA Code: MQC

Saint-Pierre’s Airport Code is FSP.

Immigration and Visas

Altough part of the European Union, Saint-Pierre & Miquelon has its own Immigration procedures and regulations. Upon arrival in St-Pierre et Miquelon, tourists are required to have the following documents :

Citizen from the European Union

You must provide a passport, which will be necessary during transit via Canada.

Canadian Citizens

Canadians and foreign nationals holding Canadian identification documents, and entering Saint-Pierre and Miquelon directly from Canada, are exempted from passport and visa requirements for stays of maximum duration of 3 months within a period of 6 months.

iam-2List of acceptable documents :

For adults: citizenship card (for Canadians), permanent resident card (for foreign nationals), driver’s licence, student card, social insurance card issued in Quebec and Ontario, passport (for Canadians)

For minors: citizenship card (for Canadians), permanent resident card (for foreign nationals), passport (for Canadians) social insurance card with a photo, student card with a photo

US Citizens

The new passport-card IS NOT VALID ID for entry to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. The passport card is a wallet-size card that can only be used for land and sea travel between the United States and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. American citizens must have a valid passport.

Other citizenships

Americans and citizens from other countries must carry a valid passport. Other nationalities must provide a valid passport and in some cases a visa will be required. Visas are only required if Canadian, American or EU Citizens stay for more than 30 days.

Make sure that any children either have their own passport or photo ID or are registered on their parents documents.

Please contact local authorities for more information.

Tél. (508) 41-15-55
Fax : (508) 41-24-79

Internet Access

Most B&Bs and Hotels offer WiFi. If you want to use a modem connection, make sure you have an phone plug adaptor for French phone outlets.

Time Zone

Saint-Pierre & Miquelon is part of the WTG Time Zone (UTC-3). Saint-Pierre & Miquelon is 4 hours behind Paris and 2 hours ahead of New York.


The entire town usually closes up between 12 noon and 1:30 PM. It is also recommended you make reservations at local restaurants ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


Telephone and Telecommunications

The phone system in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon is integrated to the French national phone system. The local provider is SPM Telecom.

Television and Radio

Most B&Bs and Hotels are equipped with television sets. In Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, there are two State Run television channels (RFO) and cable access to a number of channels from Canada and the USA (ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX). There are several FM stations who broadcast news from France, AM receivers may pick up Canadian and American stations.


Electrical outlets in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon are 220 Volts, 50 Hz and the physical sockets are Standard French. Canadian and American appliances will only work with adaptors and voltage convertors. Some B & B’s still have 110V outlets.

Visas and exemptions

Some citizens are required to obtain a visa specific to St Pierre and Miquelon from the closest French Consulate. For more information, please check with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs …


The weather is maritime and changeable, from moments of brilliant sunshine to thick fog, to showers.

Summer days range from cool to hot with a normal temperature of 16° C (61° F).
The normal annual rainfall is above 1000 mm and the normal annual snowfall is 300 cm.
In June and early July, fog is common and should be expected, whereas August and September are sunny, warm and sometimes windy. We can promise no scorching heatwaves!
Winter snowfalls and snow storms are spectacular and worth witnessing because of the forces involved. The bravest photographers will be rewarded with out-of-this world scenery.