Get Married In Saint-Pierre & Miquelon

mairieA law passed in May 2009 (Article 58, 2009-594) by France’s parliament eased requirements for marriage between foreign citizens on French soil.

According to the new law, a civil marriage between two non-citizens will be possible if the following requirements are met:

  • (a) A letter, signed and dated by both future spouses must be written to the Mayor must request a special civil marriage under article 58 of law 2009-594;
  • (b) A detailed copy of the birth certificate of each future spouse. If the future spouses produce a transcription of an original birth registry, the said copy must not be more than six months old. A birth certificate or transcription thereof must also be translated into French and notarized according to the laws of the originating country.
  • (c) A valid passport with or without a visa, depending on the citizenship of the future spouses.
  • (d) The full names, date and place of birth of each future spouse’s parents, their current address and professions;
  • (e) The full names, date and place of birth of the witnesses, their current address and professions;

All other aspects of the French civil code apply: future spouses must be more than 18 years old, must be consent freely, must both be present for the ceremony, …

The officiating officer may require consular officials to interview the future spouses. As well, an interpreter must be present if the future spouses are not Francophones.

For more information, please contact Saint-Pierre City Hall or Miquelon City Hall

Saint-Pierre City Hall

Mairie de Saint-Pierre
BP 4213 F97500 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon –
Tel 011 5-08-41-10-50
Fax 011 5-08-41-43-13

Miquelon City Hall

Mairie de Miquelon
2 rue du Baron de l’Espérance
F97500 Miquelon
Tel 011 5-08-41 05 60

Consulate of Canada
bd Constant Colmay
F97500 Saint-Pierre
Tel 011 508 41 55 10

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