Why should you visit Saint-Pierre and Miquelon?

We are tempted to say there are as many reasons to visit, as there are travellers. Let’s just say Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is no ordinary destination and that is it’s first asset.


With its northern maritime climate, we promise you there will never be a heat wave! The air is pure, the landscape Nordic and the islands are free from atmospheric pollution. Urban stress is non-existent, quite the opposite. This is an island where everybody goes home for lunch and doors are rarely locked.

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is known for its calm and the legendary hospitality of its own inhabitants.

French by history and culture, the islanders have created a complex mix of North American and European influences in all walks of life, from sports to architecture and their closeness to nature.


The island’s proximity to Newfoundland makes it the perfect side-trip whilst visiting Canada’s easternmost province.

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is where France meets North America, a climate akin to the Shetlands, the architecture of Iceland, the landscape of Scotland. Add to that a Basque festival, a Seafood festival and Bastille Day and you’ll begin to understand the islands.

If you’re passionate about history, if you love nature and the outdoors, the ocean, the French language, European culture, great food and unusual destinations away from the beaten path, please consider Saint-Pierre and Miquelon!